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Wanna Be A Fitness Celebrity Who Has The Most Instagram Followers? Keep Reading…

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If you lead an active life, like to work out and eat healthy food, and you want to promote your lifestyle on Instagram, we can help. With our tips you could have one of the most followed fitness accounts on this social network. Just keep reading.

Don’t be fooled. Running fitness Instagram is not an easy task. If you look at who has the most Instagram followers in the world of fitness, you will see how much dedication and passion they put into their accounts. Running a popular profile on this social network can not only become one of the greatest hobbies, but can also make you some money. If you want to avoid awkward close ups of your food, blurry progress pictures and overly cheesy inspiration quotes, follow these guidelines. With these tips you will run a successful Fitstagram in no time.

Post, post, post

If you have high quality posts, people won’t get bored with you. You have to upload your pics several times a day in order to get more exposure. Take photos of your food, or even your friend’s meal (no one has to know). Be present in people’s news feeds so they don’t forget about you.


You have to become a pro in hashtagging. At the end of your post it is best to have a bunch of these, so people can see your picture when they search for a specific hashtag.


Now we come to the earning part. In your posts you should tag relevant brands, people and places. If you take a photo of your meal, tag a company that has something to do with it. Usually they will comment on your post or even send free products for you to review

Be active!

You should comment encouraging things on follower’s progress pictures, compliment their healthy dinner and motivate them to be better versins of themselves. If you show your followers that you care about their well being, their will suggest your profile to other Instagram members.

Mix it up

Post various things. It could be pics of your healthy meals, workout videos, motivational quotes, and even selfies. Your followers surely want to see some details from your private life. By mixing up your interests with your private life you will have one of the most popular Instagram accounts from the world of fitness. Post pics from your travels, a nice picture from a beautiful city is always welcome.


You don’t have to do this, but you will get a lot of followers this way. It is also a great way to show your followers on Instagram that you appreciate them. When you hit mile markers you can organize small giveaways. People should repost your giveaway and tag you so that you could see their post. Randomly select the winner and send them a small box of health related goodies and even some sweets. Through tagging, you will get more exposure for your profile.

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