The Ugly Truth About Cougar Dating No One Is Talking About

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It is a fact that cougars in TV shows are always hot, gorgeous, successful, and what is more important, horny. It seems that these women are up for some action 24/7 and that they frequently use young guys to fulfill their nasty fantasies. If you think that this is a realistic picture, joining free cougar dating sites might be a huge disappointment to you. So, before you dive into the cougar dating world, read the following and see how it actually looks like in the real world.

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All cougars are sexy and attractive

Sorry, but if you think that they are all Samanthas or Mrs. Robinsons, we have some bad news for you. Okay, there are those who look smoking hot, but you will also meet cougars who are chubby and average looking. If a cougar has spent decades partying and drinking, there isn’t a makeup in this world that can cover up those wrinkles and dark circles.

They want it all the time

Oh, come on! Be honest, even you don’t want to have sex 24/7, why would she? It is true that cougars crave the attention of younger men and some of them are looking for some fun bedroom time, but life isn’t a porn movie and there are times when she simply isn’t in the mood. Keep in mind that these older ladies have a lot of weight on their shoulders which can affect their libido.

They are always honest

Maybe you think that cougars don’t play games, but every woman in this world, no matter how young or old she is, enjoys doing it. Let’s be honest, it makes the whole dating game a lot more interesting. However, keep in mind that cougars know every trick in the book, so if you think you can outsmart her, you better think again.

They are easy

These women have been dating for decades and they know they are desirable, so don’t assume that she will go to bed with you just because you asked. Sorry honey, but you will have to do your best in order to impress her, so bring your A game.

They don’t want anything serious

To be honest, there are cougars who are just looking for some fun, but on the other hand, there are those who want to settle down with someone and maybe even start a family. Therefore, know what you are getting yourself into before someone gets hurt.

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