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Turn His World Upside Down In 3 Simple Steps

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Cowboys are a tough bunch to impress, but once you’ve got their attention, it all gets easier from there. They’re mostly absorbed by their work, taking care of the farm, doing all the handy work that needs to be done to keep things going, and often don’t even have time to date. They might go out to a local bar once or twice a month for a beer, and that’s usually it. However, as introverted as most of them are, they make phenomenal companions because not only are they very loyal, but they are as sexy as it gets from all the labor they do outdoors! In other words, if you want to date a cowboy, you’ll have to find a way to catch his eye, and we’re here to help you do exactly that.

#1: Sexy is Universal

All boys like to see a pretty lady no matter their age, background, occupation or taste in women. To get a cowboy’s attention, you’ll have to frequent a local bar and hope your cute cowboy decided to show up that same night. What you need to do is style your hair wild, meaning wavy like you’ve got wind in your hair, do relatively neutral makeup because cowboys like that au naturel kind of look on girls, and dress in sexy clothes, such as tight leather pants and a tight tank top that shows off your assets, but make sure you’re comfortable above anything else. For instance, if hats are not your thing, don’t put on a cowboy hat just because you think that might impress him. If you opt for a skirt, cowboy boots are pretty much a must in that case, and the skirt better be short to show off your legs.

#2: Confidence is Key

If you want to get his attention at a crowded bar, you need a certain level of self-confidence that draws all eyes on you. This doesn’t mean riding a mechanical bull as you scream with excitement, but it does mean making your way through the bar like you own it. Get up from your table and walk over to the bar to get a few drinks for you and your wingwomen, strutting what mother nature gave you and making eye contact. Men, no matter what they’re like, can’t resist a girl who smiles at them be it in passing or once the conversation gets going and who’s not afraid to make and maintain eye contact.

#3: Cowboys are Online

Believe it or not, cowboys too are online. Find a cowboy dating site that caters to the people living in your area and open up a profile that’s going to attract a bunch of visitors, resulting in many dates as you master the game of digital cowboy dating. Write a cute synopsis about what kind of a cowboy you’d like to meet, and keep it brief and witty. Post a sexy yet approachable photo that you’ll change every couple of weeks to keep your profile fresh and inviting, and just sit back and watch all those messages from cowboys wanting to get to know you better pour in like there is no tomorrow.

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