Top 3 Ways To Make Long-Distance Dating A Biker Work

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Falling in love all over again is one of the most wonderful feelings known to man, and even us girls don’t have much to say on it as far as complaining goes. A new romance rocks whichever way we look at it, and when we throw in the fact that our new love interest happens to be a petrolhead from biker planet into the equation, there is nothing left to do but enjoy every second of it. Bikers even make long-distance dating worth it, and if you’re looking to make every date an experience to remember, we’ve got just the kind of inspiration you need.

#1: The Right Playlist

Music affects the female brain in the most peculiar of ways, and the men can’t stay immune to the sound of the right tunes either, so use this to your advantage and create a playlist for the next time your bike connection comes to town. Find out what kind of music he likes, and if his favorite genre happens to be heavy metal, so be it. Show how much you care by hand-picking the songs for your playlist, and ask him about his opinion when you listen to it together, especially if he happens to be a music buff. Let his choice of music rule one date, and your choice the next just so that there is enough balance between what you like, and what your biker prefers. He’ll start to associate you with good music, making it that much more difficult to get you out of his head.

#2: Make The Food

Traveling to another town for a date, provided it’s not too far out, offers you plenty of options when it comes to planning a perfect outing together. At the same time, you’re already far away from home, which is exciting enough, so staying in instead of dining out is a wonderfully intimate idea to get to know each other better (plus, he won’t be able to take his hands off you!). Cook dinner from the ingredients you buy when you get there, and make sure that it’s light and doesn’t take forever to prepare. Bring a bottle of wine from home that goes perfectly with it, and give him a run for his money because you too can be adventurous and bold when you set your mind to it, especially when it comes to all the stuff after dinner.

#3: Prepare Yourself To Spend The Night

It’s kind of a drag to travel to another town for a single date, and spend just a couple of hours there. A long-distance date usually involved several weekend-long dates in a month, so it can get pretty intense when you think about, particularly because it almost always includes spending the night. This means he’ll be all over you morning, noon and night, and your hair won’t always be perfect, you won’t be dressed up the entire time, and in case of bleak winter months, chances are you’ll be wearing oversized sweatshirts just to keep warm. However, keep in mind that biker men are not very good at hiding their true feelings, and pretty soon you’ll figure out how crazy your beau is about you, makeup or no makeup, and you’ll love every minute of it.

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