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Top 3 Things You’ll Have to Sacrifice if You Want to Date a Climber

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A city girl dating a climber has a lot to learn about spending days and nights out in the open without showering, blow drying her hair or carrying a purse. She won’t need a manicure or that cutsie pair of heels she picked up on her way home from work. No. All she’ll need is a change of underwear, sunscreen, and a baseball cap. If you’re such a girl but have your eyes on a handsome climber look no further than our list of top 3 things you’ll have to sacrifice if you want him in your life and not just your bedroom.

#1: Lazy Sundays

Climbers don’t do lazy Sundays. In fact, they’d even give up sleep if they could just to be outside as much as possible. They’re not big fans of the indoors or lounging around and not doing much. If you’re a couch potato who likes to watch the re-runs of Friends on Netflix until you’re blue in the face forget going out with a climber. They live during the day and sleep at night, not the other way around, and they certainly don’t party hard, waste money on unnecessary luxury or even own a car. Chances are they bike where they cannot hike and use their bodies to the fullest.

#2: Posh Dates

Climbers, like most outdoorsy athletic individuals, are in tune with nature and don’t care much for any materialistic stuff. They spend their money on necessities and don’t waste it on showing off or on trying to impress anyone. That being said, you can kiss any posh dates, vacations or gifts goodbye. Don’t expect a climber to ever surprise you with a baby blue box wrapped in a white bow or take you out to a fine dining restaurant. You’ll need to find yourself an investment banker if you want to sunbathe down in the Caribbean and sip margaritas in broad daylight.

#3: Weekends Off

It’s unlikely you’ll spend your weekends in the city with your girlfriends. You’ll be busy packing your backpacks for yet another hiking trip to a trail he’s been to ten times in the past two years but doesn’t care. Forget shopping, grabbing brunch with your mom or sister or any other activities that you like to participate in that take place in the concrete jungle. No, you’ll be off to the woods or you’ll spend two hours climbing up a mountain top just to check out the views from above because that’s his idea of impressing and surprising you.

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