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Top 10 Sports Snapchat Usernames you need to follow ASAP

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There are really not so many differences between musicians and athletes at the time, well, at least in terms of scandals, whopping figures on their bank accounts and living their lives to the fullest. Rooting for your favorite team or an athlete has basically become a part of pop culture, while the situation on social media networks is not different either. Both musicians and athletes boast armies of fans that follow their every move online and they use the mentioned platforms to get in possession of even more fans. So, without a further ado, this is the list of 10 sports Snapchat usernames you need to follow immediately if you want to see what the fuss is all about.

#1 Lewis Hamilton – @LewisHamilton

A multiple Formula 1 champion regularly snaps about his nightlife adventures and he even got in trouble with F1 officials once when some forbidden material leaked on his Snapchat account. But we know Hamilton, right? He’s gonna do what he wanna do, no matter what.

#2 Romelu Lukaku – @romelu.lukaku10

He’s a former Everton and now the Manchester United striker who usually snaps from the comfort of his home but he also documents his training and practicing routines.

#3 Serena Williams – @SerenaUnmatched

Williams is one of the rare big league tennis players who use Snapchat on a regular basis. She mostly shares altered selfies, as well as many other moments on and off the court.

#4 Cesc Fabregas – @Cescky4

Cesc is actually a cool guy who enjoys sharing the moments with his friends and family, as well as some behind the scene moments on the field.

#5 Anthony Joshua – @AJBoxing

A professional boxer who’s currently holding a heavyweight champion title also enjoys being on Snapchat. And should you decide to follow him, you will find a plenty of motivational content there.

#6 Chris Bosh – @MrChrisBosh

If you’re looking for NBA players Snapchat accounts it’s good to add Chris Bosh. He’s a former professional basketball player who’s recently ended a 7 years long career with Miami Heat but he still runs one of the coolest Snapchat accounts within the sports category.

#7 Neymar – @neymarjr

He’s holding one of the most popular football players Snapchat accounts – or soccer if you prefer. Analyzing his snaps, we can easily conclude that Neymar enjoys partying hard and chronicling a lot of his daily routine on Snapchat.

#8 Chris Eubank Jr – @chriseubankjr

Christopher Livingstone Eubank Jr. is a current middleweight champion, and he holds the title since February 2017. His snaps are mostly about his training routine and will certainly give you a necessary boost to get into the shape yourself…

#9 Nate Diaz – @natediaz209

Diaz is the number 8 in official UFC lightweight rankings as of June 2017 and the MMA star’s Snapchat account is filled with motivational snaps that are a solid proof of his career dedication.

#10 Paige Van Zant – @paigevanzant

This 23-year old MMA fighter also happens to be a real beauty (even though she considered herself a tomboy while growing up), which makes adding her on Snapchat even more essential. On the other hand, she often shares funny snaps, including filtered selfies.

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