Major Things to Consider Before You Start

Skype Sexting: 3 Major Things to Consider Before You Start

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There are a few things you need to consider before you start Skype sexting. You might be inspired to do it because your partner is living or moving far away, or you are lonely and want to meet others on a Snapchat or Kik sexting forum. Whether it’s Instagram sexting or Twitter sexting. You might just want to bring some spice to your sex life and have a virtual 3-way with your partner and someone online. All of these are probable and pretty normal reasons to have sex on social platforms, but you have to ask yourself, have you thought it through?

Obviously, no matter how much time you spend online making love or lust, it’s never going to be a replacement for the real thing, and there is a danger of becoming addicted to the process, and disengaging with real life relationships and real sex. It might feel safer to not actually have the other person in the room, and having more detached sex might actually stop you from having real life relationships. You might think you have intimacy over Skype, since texting and messaging can give you the illusion of intimacy and connection, but it’s hard to know someone on a deeper level.

If you’re just looking for sex though, there are pitfalls too, since you might be wanting to avoid intimacy altogether. And in the moment you might do something you might regret and it could be captured forever.

So, here are three basic things to think about and keep in mind if you’re considering getting sexy on Skype:

The Sex is Powerful

Just because you can’t touch the person and they are not in your room beside you, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be persuaded to do something you don’t want or wouldn’t normally do. Any sort of sexual activity can leave scars if they are negative experiences, so don’t allow yourself to be talked into doing something that doesn’t feel good. If the person is a random pick up, it’s easy to disconnect and walk away, so definitely use that to your advantage.

Be Aware of Revenge Porn

So, even if you are having Skype sex with a partner you know very well or have dated for a long time, and you don’t want to lose the spark in your relationship, they still could turn around and record the sessions and then post them online as revenge porn for when you break up, or when things go sour. Vindictive ex-partners are common. Many people think it can’t happen to them but then it does, so think it through, today’s technology is so ingrained in our lives, that a sex video could destroy many things you have worked hard to build. Is it worth the risk? Laptops or phones can get stolen, and bad breakups do happen.

Skype Sexting Could Feel Weird

No matter how many times you try it, since it is an unnatural way to have sex, it might always feel weird and awkward no matter how many times you try. You might have to push yourself and come up with creative ways to turn on your partner and yourself, so it’s a lot of work, and getting into the mood is not always easy, which could cause discord in the relationship. Your partner might want it more often than you and it could cause issues. So make sure you set clear limits and you let your partner know how it makes you feel. If your long distance relationship becomes more Skype sexting than actual talking and communicating, then that’s not a relationship, it’s a free phone sex hotline.

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