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How to Plan the Perfect First Date?

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So you decided to be brave and date a cougar, but you’re unsure about how to plan your first date. Don’t panic, first dates are not as difficult to nail as they might seem. Okay, it’s hard to tell what your date will like and dislike, but there are some general guidelines you can stick to so that you ensure that your lady will have the time of her life and come back for seconds.

All dating scenarios can be split into three main parts. The planning, the actual date and the follow-up. If you follow the rules connected to each part, your date will be a guaranteed success.

The Planning

If your lady sees that you’ve planned ahead, thought about your night out/in and aren’t afraid to make decisions, she’ll surely feel attracted to you. Women like it when a man takes initiative and they can just sit back and let you take the wheel for some time. It gives them a break from being strong, independent females and lets them feel like a dainty flower for a night. So don’t be shy and tell her exactly what you planned, but make sure it’s an activity that the both of you will appreciate.

The Date Itself

There are a couple things you need to pay attention to on your date. Take the time to clean up your act. Dress nicely. Get a haircut.

Give her the most ‘gentleman-ly’ version of yourself. Open the door, help her take her coat off, offer to push her chair in under her, and always pay the bill at the end of the night. Don’t let her persuade you into splitting the bill. You need to show her that she can count on you to be a man.

After your date, escort her home and make sure she enjoyed herself. Have a light conversation, don’t talk about serious stuff. If she lets you, kiss her goodnight, but don’t go up to her apartment. The first date is just an appetizer, the main course will come in time.

The Follow-up

Don’t forget to maintain the connection after the date. Call or text her the following day to have a nice chat and make sure she had a good time with you. She’ll appreciate the effort and probably reward you with a second date.

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