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How Lota Dates Helped Me Find Love My Own Way

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lota datesAs someone who’s never been particularly great at the whole romance thing, I’ve always found dating to be incredibly tiresome, especially in the beginning. The whole idea of me wasting time I didn’t have on women who were less than likely to be The One was ridiculous to me right from the start.

I had never had anything against love or monogamy, I just couldn’t bear to go through that awful dating period only to get rejected in the end. So while my friends were hooking up with random people, having different dates every night, and meeting potential wives on every corner, I was contemplating the best way to go through all of that without necessarily going through any of it. If you’re confused by it, don’t worry, I was confused too. Nevertheless, I was convinced that my future happiness counted on me not to drift away from myself and all my convictions.

I’d always had a more analytical brain than others, so the established, all-around accepted dating process based on nothing more than coincidence, chemistry and randomness never made sense to me. I knew that the only way to find someone with whom I could spend my life was to carefully assess the situation and do a lot of research before actually starting my quest for The One. Alas, I had one problem: I didn’t know where to start! As an introvert, I knew I couldn’t muster up the strength to chat up random girls in the real world and see whether they possessed the qualities I was looking for. And besides, I didn’t go out much. I needed something where I could see all the potential “candidates” and process the information I had about them, without looking like a freak in the process. And then it hit me! I could give online dating a try. Some of my friends used dating sites as a means of finding dates, hookups, and friends, and they’d always spoken highly of this modern day romance tool.

However, I wanted to be really sure that a local dating site was the right choice for me, therefore I needed to check out other people’s experiences and advice if they had any. After all, the analyst inside me wouldn’t let it be any other way.

After spending a couple of days going through statistics and all sorts of online dating data, I settled on Lota Dates, a site created for people who wanted to share their dating experiences and lessons. Looking back at that decision I have to say that I made the perfect choice. It offered me everything I needed, including dating tips, online dating and regular dating experiences, and a whole array of life stories. As I carefully read every single post on the site, I realized that as long as I had the right mindset and a healthy outlook on love, combined with everything I learned on this site, I would succeed.

Weeks went by, and for the first time in my life I felt like a living, breathing optimist. I had several promising conversations going on with different women on various online dating services, and a couple of casual coffee dates with women I’ve met in the real world, and they were all really nice, smart, funny, and beautiful. However, something was still bugging me – there was no spark in those conversations. Yet, I knew that my perfect partner was waiting for me, I just had to find her. After all, that’s what the blog site taught me.

And I did, just three months after enriching my mind with everything I’d learned on the blog. I ended all other conversations and casual dating relationships I was having after meeting her because I knew from the first moment I met her that she was something special. She was just as nerdy, introverted, and analytical as me. She even ventured out into online dating for the same reason I did – because she wanted to avoid the complications of the world outside of her apartment. And now, we can avoid the world together, under one roof.

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