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Did You Know: Stars And Their Famous Parents

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When it comes to celebrities, we love to know everything about them. We want to know where they eat, who they are dating, and even those silly things like what famous people Snapchat. We also want to know who are their parents are, but still we get shocked when we learn that our favorite celebs have even more famous parents. Look at our list of related celebs. Did you know they are related?

Georgia May Jagger and Mick Jagger

Almost every person in this world knows that Mick Jagger is lead singer and co-founder of the Rolling Stones. His beautiful daughter, Georgia May, is a famous model. She took part in the Summer Olympics closing ceremony alongside Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Lily Donaldson. She claims that she is often embarrassed by some of her actions. Well honey, welcome to the club.

Colin Hanks and Tom Hanks

If you have watched the hit television show, “Fargo”, you probably know who Colin Hanks is. However, did you ever think that his last name rings a bell?  He is the son of Tom Hanks, and he has a great relationship with his father and stepmother Rita Wilson.

Emma Roberts and Eric Roberts

Acting obviously runs in this family. Emma is the daughter of actor Eric Roberts, and also the niece of Julia Roberts. She started acting on television shows on Nickelodeon as a child.  Now Emma is famous for her roles in We’re the Millers, Palo Alto, The Blackcoat’s Daughter and Nerve. You could have seen her in Scream Queens, as well as in series American Horror Story.

Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus

Miley is one of the famous people Snapchat names. You can learn a lot about her by looking at her posts. You can even find out that her father is Billy Ray Cyrus. Although Miley started out as a teen idol, starring in the Disney Channel TV series, these days she is surprising us with her actions and fashion expressions. According to Miley, her father supports her in everything she does, including taking crazy topless pictures. Like other famous Snapchat users, she loves to post her wacky pictures on her profile. If you want a crazy picture of Miley, you won’t have to search for it too long.

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