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Ensure Your Relationship with a Climber Goes the Distance with These 3 Tips

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Now that you’ve been going steady with your climber for a while, climber dating doesn’t look as scary anymore, but as time goes on new challenges present themselves. Getting a climber to like you or to notice you is no longer an issue, but keeping a climber interested for a long time has been on your mind for a while now. Below, we present our top three tips to ensure your relationship with a climber goes the distance, and you build a wonderful future together.

#1: Stay in Shape

This is certainly easier said than done, but staying in shape is very important if you want to keep your climber interested and attracted to you. Rest assured he won’t let himself go any time soon so you’ve pretty much got no other choice but to keep up. If you can’t find the time to go to the gym three times a week you will simply have to make the time for it any way you can. Do your cardio exercises to ensure you can go on long hiking or climbing trips with your beau, lift weights so your body is nice and firm, and always stretch at the end of a workout to make sure your muscles stay long and lean.

#2: Self-Development is Key

Climbers are natural explorers and they want to uncover what’s under the surface or around the next corner. They’re always on a mission to explore the world around them and are very good at exploring their own minds and souls as well. They do plenty of soul searching and are always on a mission to further develop their skills, personality or points of view. Long story short, you’re expected to do the same. Never stop growing as a person if you want a climber’s attention, and the three best ways to do that is to read books, travel to new places, and take new courses.

#3: Have Your Own Life

Dating a climber is easy compared to living with him full-time. He’s always on the go, and wouldn’t trade his independence for the world. Consequently, you’re welcome to lead an independent life, hold a job, go out with your friends, travel with them even if he decides to stay at home, and overall spend your time on the things you like other than him. This level of freedom is highly desirable as a relationship progresses because you should never give up your life to please someone else, but you also have to be willing to find the time for your career, hobbies, friends or anything you hold dear.

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