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Beauty Rituals You Must Include In Your Daily Routine

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When you are a trans woman, getting ready for a date takes longer than usual. If you have decided to get back in the saddle, you need to include some beauty rituals into your daily routine. Here’s how you will maintain your feminine image on TS date sites or job interviews alike with several easy tricks.

Take care of your hands

You can cover your face with makeup and hide your age, but your hands are always a dead giveaway. Therefore, take care of them, especially if they are larger than the average woman’s. Give yourself a manicure every other week. If you are not very good at painting your nails, visit a beauty salon. However, there is something you can do at home. Just grab a nail brush and clean under your fingernails every day. Also, apply hand cream several times a day. That way, your hands will stay smooth and soft.

Get rid of that hair

When you are a trans woman, the unwanted hair growth can give you a headache. Having that beard stubble can ruin your feminine image, so make sure to take care of it at least once a week. Your nose, ears, knuckles, toes, back, arms and legs should be all hair free. If you aren’t a fan of waxing, you can always use a razor. Also, don’t forget to pluck your eyebrows.


If you want to have beautiful and smooth skin, you will need to exfoliate. This way, not only will you avoid having painful ingrown hairs, but you will also achieve a youthful look. You can do it twice a week with a washcloth or an exfoliating scrub.

Don’t forget about your feet

Many people forget to take care of their feet, especially during the winter when they wear socks all the time. However, don’t ignore this part of your body! Keep in mind that cracked heels and broken toenails aren’t sexy at all, and at some point in your relationship you will have to take your shoes off. Therefore, get a pedicure twice a month at home or in a salon.

Apply a face mask

In every chick flick, you can see girls with face masks and cucumbers on their faces, and it is time this ritual becomes a part of your routine too. You can buy these beauty products in a store or even make them all by yourself at home.

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