How To Score An Emo Boyfriend

7 Tips On How To Score An Emo Boyfriend

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Emo boys are hot! They are creative, unique people. There are many ways to find a hot emo kid and make him your boyfriend. The only thing you need is a power of will.
In order to go make a proper transition from your emo chat to a real conversation, we made a list of these 7 tips that will help you immensely.

1. Talk

Simply start talking to him. If you don’t buy a lottery ticket you can never win, meaning if you don’t talk to him someone else will. Be friendly and get to know him, from there you can build your further strategy.

2. Find Out What Are His Interests

Some kids are interested in things like writing emotional poetry, playing Xbox and of course, music. Bands like Bright Eyes, Bring Me the Horizon, Jimmy Eat World, Weezer and Thursday are your tickets to his heart. Start listening to one of these bands a show your secret crush how knowledgeable you are about their lyrics and deeper meanings of their music. He will be thrilled and amazed by your nonchalant and casual analysis of his musical heroes.

3. Connection

This one can seem like a tough nut to crack but with a little of confidence, it is no biggy. Talk about his favorite bands, throw in a compliment or two about his emo pictures he made and read to him some of his poetry. Being sensitive and emotional, you will quickly discover things you have in common. Another good approach is to invite him on some local shows or concerts. This will show your initiative and give him a signal that you are interested in him more than he suspects.

4. Integrity

Stay true to yourself. It is ok to show interest in his kind of music and lifestyle but you have to have your genuine thoughts and opinions. If you try too hard to look like him there is a danger you’ll become his clone and lose your own personality. That will scare him off for sure.

5. Compliments

All guys like compliments, even emo guys. Give one every time you feel it is ok to say it, but don’t be afraid to receive one as well. He will be happy to see you blushing because of his comment how beautiful your hair looks. If he plays an instrument, tell him he is talented. On the other hand, if he is not talented tell him he will improve.

6. Flirt

Once you get to know each other better comes a part where you can be a true coquette and make his heart goes tremor with excitement. Brush his hair out of his eye with your hand, lean towards him and look him with your dreamy eyes. He will not resist kissing you and the silhouette of your kiss will be a perfect emo image to passing strangers.

7. Names

As soon you get more confident, start calling him names. It will get him confused but eventually, he will accept his new nickname with pride. This way you sort of claimed your territory and made yourself closer to him at the same time.

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