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7 Celebrity Snapchats You Need To Follow Right Now

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If you don’t “snap it” it’s like it didn’t happen at all. This is basically how things work right now in our modern day and age. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and now Snapchat are taking over our whole world step by step. Of course, for us regular people, these things are not mandatory. For celebrities, on the other hand, these apps are crucial for self-promotion and communication with fans. So, if you want an update on everything your favorite famous person is doing, simply join this awesome app. Once you do that, check out these 7 celebrity Snapchats you absolutely need to follow!

Hilary Duff (@Ohheyhilary)

This gorgeous former Disney star is one of the biggest celebrity Snapchat names in the business. It’s safe to say that she understands how things work on this social app. Hilary entertains her loyal fans on a regular basis by posting photos and videos from her daily life.

Bella Thorne (@bellathornedab)

The stunning actress enjoys sharing candid, revealing, and rather provocative selfies with her admirers. However, fans are not able to see into her private life so much, but hey, you’re not here for that, you came for the breathtaking beauty, right? If we had to pick Bella’s specialty on Snapchat, it would be a flawless pouty selfie. If you’re looking for hottest celebrity Snapchats, well, Bella definitely fits the profile.

Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson (@TheRock)

Well, if you have a Snapchat account, you simply have to follow your new Mitch Buchannon. The Rock certainly knows how to communicate with millions of his fans all over the world. His signature snap? Muscle-flexing snap, of course! He also posts a lot of cool and funny videos captured in all kinds of different places.

Cara Delevingne (@caradevilqueen)

This awesome list would be incomplete without the lovely queen Cara Delavigne! She doesn’t’ use too many emojis and filters, but her snaps are extremely goofy and funny. Once you follow her, you won’t be able to get on with your day without seeing those lovely eyes and her trademark eyebrows.

Macklemore (@mackandryan)

Like any other rock star out there, Macklemore is also leading a rather interesting and eventful life. Even though he doesn’t have too much free time, he somehow finds a way to updates his fans when’ he’s on tour. Macklemore’s favorite snaps are the ones taken backstage with his gang and lucky fans.

Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner)

This gorgeous young lady is, without a doubt, one of the hottest and most wanted models of our generation. Her career is in full swing and she doesn’t hesitate to share bits of her private and professional life with us mortals. She’s crazy about that baby angel emoji and she’s definitely worthy of your time.

Bob Saget (@bobsterclaw)

The legendary stand-up comedian/actor is pretty hilarious on this social app. He doesn’t use emojis, but he enjoys posting funny text over his intriguing snaps and videos. After all these years, he still manages to make us laugh! Respect!

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