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7 Celebrities we bet you didn’t know were Bikers [INFOGRAPHIC]

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What do you get when you match an open road, a powerful two-wheeler, and a kick-ass leather jacket? A temptation that barely anyone can resist, celebrities included. Being a biker is not just any etiquette; it’s basically a way of life that is gladly embraced by many. And you would be surprised to find out just how many famous names are actually bikers. Moreover, we bet that you’re going to consider biker dating once you find out that majority of celebrity bikers from our list also happen to be some of the most attractive people in Hollywood. So, let us begin then, shall we?

biker dating

#1 Norman Reedus

If you watched at least one episode of internationally popular series, The Walking Dead, then you’ve probably noticed Redus interpreting a role of a positive badass that is Daryl Dixon, riding a motorcycle and carrying a crossbow, sporting a sleeveless shirt, jeans and leather while finishing off mindless zombies. The truth is he likes to do pretty much the same in real life – if we skip the zombie part, of course!

#2 Brad Pitt

Even though he’s divorced man, he still has a lot of children back at home, which probably doesn’t allow him to ride as much as he would want but no one can deny that Mr. Smith, pardon, Mr. Pitt loves bikes. According to Hollywood Reporter, Brad owns Ducati’s Superleggeras ($65,000) and Desmosedicis ($72,500), both belonging to limited series, but we’re guessing his collection doesn’t end there.

#3 Tom Cruise

Remember that epic scene from ‘80s classic Top Gun when Tom Cruise comes to pick up Kelly McGillis? If we can recall it correctly, he’s riding a bike while donning a pair of Rayban, denim jeans, white tee and a retro leather jacket. Now, that’s a great outfit indeed but the truth is Cruise is a huge fan of motorcycles in a real life too. His collection includes a considerable number of vintage models as well as one exclusive Vyrus.

#4 John Travolta

After the Grease, we thought that Travolta was, you know, a car guy. Then we learned that he’s been piloting and owns a private jet. Then our mind was blown away by the fact that he actually belongs to biker men, with plenty of love for Harleys, like the one he rode in Wild Hogs. And our guess is that he does all this when taking a break from the dance floor. Gotta love this guy!

#5 Charlie Hunnam

Watching The Sons of Anarchy, we figured it out that Hunnam, who plays the leader of the MC in series really knows his way around bikes, whether it was about riding them or getting them serviced. And as it turns out, he’s also an avid rider in real life but we can’t say honestly that we’re surprised. We sensed that he was way too comfortable when riding bikes in the series, you know?

#6 Gerard Butler

One of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood might be famous for his roles in 300, The Phantom of the Opera, RocknRolla, and Gods of Egypt but also for his love for bikes. Unfortunately, he suffered a minor accident last month but he’s been taken care of quickly so he rushed to Instagram to assure his fans that he’s alive and well and on his way to New York. Now, that’s a spirit!

#7 Ryan Reynolds

If you decide to meet local bikers in Vancouver, you may easily come across Deadpool himself. According to numerous sources, Reynolds enjoys riding bikes. Moreover, the Canadian star even made a short film in 2016 in which he explains his love for motorcycles. The newest addition to his bike collection is an opulent Triumph Thruxton from L.A.-based Kott Motorcycles.

What do you think about our list? Are you also a motorcycle lover? Tell us all about your passion in the comment section below!

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