You Can Hide Your Tummy

6 Simple Ways You Can Hide Your Tummy And Look Thinner

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One thing that always makes you look feminine is emphasizing your waistline. However, some trans women don’t have a perfectly flat stomach. If you are one of them, there is no need to despair! With a few fashion tricks, not only will you look thinner but you will also create that hourglass shape you’ve always wanted. Therefore, keep these tips in mind next time you prepare for a TS date.

Buy a shaping camisole

You have surely heard about corsets. Although they can look very sexy and fashionable, they are not very comfortable. Do you really want to spend your whole day crammed into a tight piece of clothing? Instead of wearing a corset choose a shaping camisole. It will trim inches from your waist and belly and you will still be able to breathe freely.

Try a peplum

If you have no idea what peplums are you have been missing out on a very fabulous piece of clothing. It is basically a short overskirt attached at the waistline of a shirt, blouse, dress or a jacket. A peplum will cover up your belly while giving you that sexy hourglass shape.

The waistline trick

If you feel comfortable in pants, their waistband should be just below your belly button. If you choose jeans with high waist your stomach will just pop and if you choose the ones with the low cut you will end up with an infamous muffin top look.

Play with colors

Don’t dress from head to toe in one color. Instead, choose a dark top and a light colored jacket. If you want to look more feminine, pick a jacket with some shape.

A ruched top can be your lifesaver

Flat, tight shirts can emphasize your every flaw. However, if you still want to wear tight blouses, ruched ones are the way to go. Fabric that’s gathered along the seam line will conceal your belly rolls and show off your waist line.

Avoid oversized clothes

If you want to look sexy and feminine, you need to emphasize your best features. Don’t hide underneath clothes that are too loose. Even if you are a big girl, keep in mind that oversized wardrobe will just make you look bigger. Therefore choose clothes that show off your assets and make you look curvy.

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