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5 Modern Dating Rules Every Lady Should Know by Heart

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People claim that dating nowadays is easier than it was before. Well, we are not so sure about that. Although you can meet a bunch of single guys on cowboy, sci-fi or even motorcycle dating sites, finding true love is still hard as it is. To protect yourself from heartbreak and have a positive dating experience, here are top 5 modern rules you should keep in mind when you get back on the market.

Don’t fall for someone you’ve never met

Ah, his pictures on Instagram are so perfect and his dating profile is so witty and interesting, he must be your Prince Charming. Or, he might be a huge douchebag with amazing writing skills and a good camera! Fight your heart and don’t fall for someone you’ve never met in person. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if your heart gets broken over and over again.

Don’t tell your address to a stranger from the web

If he knew your address he could pick you up, send you flowers, drop by to bring you soup when you are sick or come to fix your stereo. Hm. Yes, but he could also come to your house, murder you, throw your body in the basement and leave as nothing happened. Okay, we don’t want to scare you here but the point is that this guy is still a stranger. We don’t care for how many weeks have you been texting back and forth or if you are convinced that he is your soulmate. Don’t give him your home (or even work) address until you get to know him better in person.

Check yourself before your date arrives

When you finally find someone interesting and you decide to go out on a date, make sure you check yourself from time to time. Simply go to the restroom and check your teeth, hair, makeup, and dress. A lot of things could have happened since you left your house, so make sure everything is in its place.

Always offer to pay for drinks or a meal

This is the 21st century, so the least you can do is offer to pay when the check arrives. Although he will probably do it, he will appreciate your gesture and this will be a huge plus for you. Therefore, don’t start checking out the color of the ceiling when the waiter comes over with the check.

Don’t ghost him

Why have people started doing this? Who said this kind of behavior is okay? If you have made plans with a guy and you need to break them, you should at least have the decency to call him and cancel. It only takes a minute and you won’t come off as a major bi*ch!

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