5 Instagram Rules for Happy Couples

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So, you have met your match on a cowboy dating site and now you can’t stop posting pictures of him on Instagram? Don’t worry, this is anything but unusual given that many couples love sharing their cute pictures on social media (which can be rather annoying to their followers by the way!). However, if you and your partner are confirmed Insta junkies, here are some mistakes you should avoid.

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Posting only pictures of each other

I mean, there are other stuff you care about other than your partner, right? It is one thing if you just got engaged, married or went on a trip with your loved one somewhere amazing, but if you just post one selfie after another from your living room (and nothing else) the number of your followers will surely drop. Trust me, no one wants to see those boring pics in their feed!

Writing long, gushy paragraphs about your man

Posting a lot of pictures of your cowboy is annoying, writing gushy essays under your posts is even worse. It is the same as if you went to hang out with your friends and you talked about your guy the whole time. Nobody cares!

Uploading stories about everything you do together

If you post 12-part stories about your date every time you go out with him, something is clearly wrong with your relationship. Don’t you want to spend some quality time with your man instead of staring at your phone all night? If posting every minute of your date is more interesting than the date itself, no one will think that your life is amazing.

Checking out your profile when you are on a date

If you are both into posting photos and choosing the right filters, go ahead. But if he is watching a movie (which you are supposed to watch together) and you can’t control the urge to check the latest updates on Instagram, don’t be surprised if your partner feels abandoned. Giving someone your attention is the foundation of intimacy, so don’t be rude and put your phone away.

One of you never posts your photos

You both have Instagram accounts, but you are the only one who posts couple selfies. This is a huge red flag since people with intimacy issues are less likely to share their romantic relationships online. If your profile is full of couple pictures, and he just posts photos of his horses, beer and nachos, maybe you should have a talk with your man.

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