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These 5 Beauty Tips will Help any Mature Woman Look Younger

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Dating for seniors can be stressful indeed, especially if you are an older woman. While mature men are considered attractive silver foxes and their age, wrinkles and gray hair make them even more desirable, women are often forced to use dozens of beauty products so that they would look younger. However, we suggest you read these tips that can help you look your best before you decide to waste a small fortune on various creams and makeup products.

Always get a good night’s sleep

They don’t call it a beauty sleep for nothing! During the night, skin repairs and restores itself so make sure you always get a good night’s sleep. Otherwise, your skin will appear dull and lifeless which will make you look older than you are.

Choose the right shade of concealer

A lot of older women want to cover up the dark bags under their eyes by using a concealer that is much lighter than their skin. However, this only emphasizes wrinkles and bags and makes them look even more visible. Therefore, instead of making this common mistake, apply a light layer of concealer that is only one or two shades lighter than your skin with a small, stiff flat brush.

Leave your eyebrows alone

Senior ladies tend to over-pluck their brows and end up with just two thin lines above their eyes. Since arched eyebrows can keep your eyes from looking droopy, we recommend you visit a professional who will groom them properly.

Toss the gloss

As we age, we learn to say goodbye to those plum, lineless lips and say hello those wrinkles around the mouth. If you don’t want to draw attention to those annoying wrinkles, avoid using darker shades of lipstick and gloss. These can creep into those lines around your mouth and easily ruin your whole look.

Gray hair, don’t care

Maybe you don’t want to dye your hair and that is perfectly fine. Gray hair can still look amazing (remember Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada?), but you need to take care of it properly. Make sure you get regular cuts, use nourishing conditioners and treat yourself with a hair mask every now and then because silver hair tends to get dry.

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