Dating a Cowboy

5 Advices When Dating a Cowboy

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Ever since John Wayne walked out of the door in the final scene of “The Searchers” we got the real idea what it means to be a cowboy and how their life must be. Lonesome and solitude are their companions. Modern days though different and persistent haven’t changed this a bit. It looks like much remains of that old sturdiness nowadays.
There is no manual on how to date a cowboy. You will just have to go with your gut. This unknown terrain has puzzled people for a long time. We will try to bring you somewhat closer to an answer how to approach, deal and seduce a cowboy. Here are 7 tips that might help.

1. Be Honest

Although it sounds like a cliché, there is nothing cowboy admires more than honesty. Try to be open about your intentions and about who you really are. Otherwise, your western match will smoke the dishonesty out of you like a raccoon out of his cellar. They are the natural lie detector when it comes to reading people.

2. Respect His Way Of Life

It seems a little contradictory trying to seduce a man that prefers loneliness over socializing. Well, that part about solitude is partially true. Be aware that every proper cowboy needs to have his comfort zone where he can be alone with his thoughts. This doesn’t mean he won’t take you out for a nice dinner and a dance from time to time. You will have to recognize the right moment when he wants to be left alone and when he needs your hug and support.

3. They Are Sensitive

Even if they seem rough on the outside, every single of them is still that young boy whose hopes are high and eyes are full of dreams. They will never admit it, though, and you shouldn’t try to push it out of them. Rather than that, you should listen to them carefully and eventually, between the lines, their long forgotten desires will emerge. In some moment your man will recognize that and will be eternally grateful for your aid. He will then find his own way to thank you for that.

4. Become His Cowgirl

There is nothing more attractive to a cowboy than a girl that knows how to handle a horse. Though, this can be interpreted both literally and metaphorically, having skills and knowing how to use them is what it is all about. If you show that you can match him in the work he is doing, you will win his heart almost instantly. His partner needs to be strong and independent as he is. Confidence is sexy so you should show him a plenty of it.

5. Show Respect

Listen up all you cowboys and cowgirls! This is the last but certainly not the least important piece of advice. One would say it is the most important one. Be respectful toward each other in each and every moment. Show your partner that the old way hasn’t died out just yet. If you treat each other kindly and show your affection as often as you can, you will ride off with him into the sunset, no doubt.

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