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4 Tips For Maintaining That Hot, Summer Body Every Cougar Should Know

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Summer is the best time to have fun and crazy adventures. Also, it is the right time to dazzle all those guys who are tracking you down on cougar finder with your tanned and hot body that you manage to squeeze into those sexy summer dresses. We realize that it can be difficult to maintain your amazing figure during these months (hello, cocktails!) but there are some ways you can take care of yourself during this time. So, sit back, grab a piece of paper and write down these 4 amazing tips for a fit summer body.

Eat right

This actually shouldn’t be so difficult, since all those fresh fruits and vegetables with low calories are available during the summer. Nutritionists recommend that you eat nine servings per day if you want to keep that healthy glow. Also, focus on eating the right amount of proteins, fats as well as good carbohydrates. Yap, not all of them are bad for you and your weight, so make sure you include quinoa, brown rice, rye, and barley into your diet. We know it is totally delicious, but try to stay away from junk food. You know what they say, a minute on the lips, forever on your hips!

Limit your portions

If you want to lose weight or simply not gain it, the worst thing you could do for your body is to skip meals. Therefore, don’t starve yourself and feel free to eat, not overeat. Smaller meals throughout the day will boost your metabolism and keep you full at the same time.

Don’t forget to hydrate

If you want to keep that youthful skin, you need to drink plenty of water during these hot months. Don’t drown yourself, but ensure your body is properly hydrated. When you are going to the beach with your young, hot stud, make sure you bring water bottles as well as and a moisturizing cream with you.

Exercise regularly

You probably know this, but you will need to get moving if you want to keep that hot body! Swimming is one of the best exercises, so hit the beach or your local pool. It is also a great place to get attention from guys who want to meet a cougar. Therefore, pack your best bathing suit and show off that sexy body! If you are not a huge fan of water, you can always go running, walking or cycling, whatever gets you moving.

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