Want to Date a Sexy Cougar

4 Rules You Need to Follow If You Want to Date a Sexy Cougar

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Impressing a cougar is not an easy task. These ladies have high standards, they know what they want and are not willing to settle for anything less than they deserve. Therefore, if you want to be a member of the cougar dating club and hook up with these sexy mommas, you will need to bring your A game. Otherwise, a cougar will smell your insecurities from a mile away and dump you before you even manage to make your move. So, if you want to dazzle one of these mature women, there are several rules you need to follow.

Mention her age as little as possible

Although cougars often seem like very confident ladies, odds are that your partner will often be very self-conscious about getting involved with someone younger. Therefore, don’t bring the age difference to the forefront. Even if she mentions it, just shrug it off and change the subject. If you want to keep your cougar, you need to learn how to assuage her fears and insecurities and make her feel desired and sexy.

Show her your best moves

The main reason why cougars date young guys is that they are turned on by their energy, specifically in the sexual department. You will be her private sex toy and your main purpose is to do all those things her ex-husband couldn’t do. Therefore, don’t even think for a second that you can take things easy or take a break from fulfilling her fantasies. The moment you start neglecting her needs and being passive in the bedroom, her interest in you will start to wane.

Money doesn’t impress her

Just because she is a mature woman doesn’t mean she wants a wealthy partner. Trust us; she is not with you because of your wallet, but there is definitely something in your pants that she is interested in. Therefore, don’t feel obliged to impress her with money or expensive gifts, there is really no need for that.

Don’t get needy

Although you are technically dating a cougar, you are not in a relationship with her. This wild beast doesn’t want to be tied down, so don’t act like a needy boyfriend and whine about things that are happening in your life.

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