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4 Hidden Benefits of Dating a Biker You Need to Know

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We all know that dating a biker comes with a lot of benefits. An adventurous lifestyle, the sense of spontaneity and being with a ruggedly handsome bad boy are just some of them. However, did you know that being with a motorcycle lover comes with several secret bonuses as well? So, in case you are not sure whether you should dip your toe into the biker dating pool, we have prepared several reasons why that might be the best idea you’ve ever had.

Your friends will be jealous

Let’s be honest ladies, we all secretly want to make our girlfriends jealous, and what better way to do that than to date a biker. These guys enjoy the reputation of adventurous bad boys who are powerful and sexy in a socially acceptable way, which makes them instantly attractive. Even if your man is not that good looking in the facial department, you can always take your pictures with your helmets on and let your friends think your boyfriend looks like Charlie Hunnam.

You can look like a fierce biker chick

Even if you know nothing about motorcycles except that they go wroom wroom, you can still pull off that edgy biker chick look. If you are dating a biker, you can rock that leather jacket with jeans even in the middle of the summer, and no one will look at you funny.

You can pull off that messy hair look

People wrongly assume that you feel the wind in your hair and look incredibly sexy when you are riding a bike. In real life, your hair usually ends up all tangled and smelling like exhaust fumes even if you had your helmet on. Therefore, making an effort to come up with a fancy hairdo is a huge waste of time. Hello, you are dating a biker now and you can pull off that casual look without seeming like a lunatic who escaped from an asylum. Messy hair? Don’t care!

Buying gifts is a piece of cake

Let’s face it; shopping for guys is sometimes impossible. If your man has enough ties, belts and watches to last him a lifetime, buying gifts will turn into a nightmare. However, if you are dating a biker, buying him anything with the brand of his bike on it will make him the happiest man on the planet.

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