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4 Most Common Online Lies and Ways to Spot Them

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If you have been a part of the online dating community for a while, you have probably come across various types of liars. People tend to lie about numerous things on the Internet, so you need to keep your eyes open when looking for a western match. Don’t worry; sometimes it is easy to spot them if you pay enough attention. So, here is the list of most common online dating lies and ways to detect them.

Lying about age

Some people think they look younger, so they lie about their age. On the other hand, some users think that they will get more matches that way. If you want to check whether someone you like is lying about their age, we suggest you look carefully at their online photo. Does it seem like it was taken ages ago? Sometimes, you can tell whether someone is being dishonest simply by checking their biography. If their like story seems a little off for a person that age, they are probably lying about it.

Lying about the body type

Not a single person in this world is perfect and we all have things we would like to change about our appearance. Therefore, most people decide to lie about their body type online. If your potential match is always posting selfies taken from a weird angle or refuses to do a video chat, they might be misrepresenting themselves.

Lying about the relationship status

Unfortunately, a lot of married men use online dating sites to find women for casual flings. If you don’t want to be that other woman, you should pay attention to several things. Is he usually online late at night? Does he disappear for several days without even offering a logical explanation? If you have been chatting for a while now, shared your deepest secrets and he still won’t add you on Facebook, something is definitely fishy.

Lying about location

Some people lie about the city they live in. Okay, this is not so bad, but if you are interested in dating only singles who live in your hometown and don’t want to pursue a long-distance relationship, you should check whether your potential match is telling the truth. It is pretty easy, just ask them about their favorite restaurant or some places in the town only locals know about.

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