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3 Types Of Guys Every Cougar Should Stay Away From

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When we think about cougars, one thing immediately pops into our mind – they like to date younger guys. Okay, this is true, but ‘young’ isn’t the only virtue on their list of demands. They are also looking for charming, smart, outgoing guys with a good sense of humor. If you are one of the mature ladies who enjoy the company of young men, you have to have your standards. After all, you are an experienced, successful and sexy woman, so don’t settle for less than you deserve. Don’t worry, a ton of guys are looking for someone just like you on cougar finder, so you can have your pick. However, whatever you do, don’t date these 3 types of men.

The Flake

This is the type of guy who will make plans with you over and over again and cancel them every single time. It’s either that he really sucks at planning or he is a major douchebag, but we believe we can rightfully assume the latter. You don’t want to spend the best years of your life with the guy you can never count on, do you? Focus on someone who will make you feel special, not a guy who stood you up dozens of times.

The ‘It’s complicated’ One

He is single, sort of. And he has a girlfriend. Sort of. You will never figure out what is going on in his life because he mentions that one girl, but they are either fighting, on a break or broken up every time he sees you. Hmm, you know better than to be the other woman, so forget about this cheater and move on.

The Jealous Jerk

He seems ideal for you because he is not looking for anything serious just like you and you have a great time together. However, if you just mention some other guy, he is already rolling up his sleeves ready to fight and makes jealous scenes.

On the other hand, he feels completely free to flirt with other girls, even when you are around. You surely don’t want to feel like anybody’s property, so forget about him. After all, a lot of guys want to meet a cougar, so you will surely find someone better than this jealous freak.

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