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3 Signs You Should Be In An Open Relationship

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People who are in happy relationships assume that everyone on free dating online sites is searching for something meaningful. However, some singles are not ready to commit completely to someone yet.

If you feel that your relationship is growing stale or that your partner isn’t able to satisfy your every sexual need, maybe being in an open relationship is the right choice for you. Although the concept sounds pretty simple, having this kind of connection with someone can be really messy in reality.

Being in an open relationship means that both you and your partner can have adventures (even sexual ones) with other people. In order for this to work, you and your match have to communicate, respect each other, be honest with one another and be safe.

Before you dive into something like this, you have to determine the ground rules. Are you allowed to have sex with others when your partner isn’t present? Should you only hook up with strangers? Determine what you two feel comfortable with before anything happens so that no one gets hurt. If this whole concept sounds tempting to you, here are several signs that you should be in an open relationship.

You want the best of both worlds

Leaving your partner is not an option but you still want to have fun with other people. If this is the case, you can give an open relationship a shot. Keep in mind that it is not a permission to cheat with someone or a quick fix for a broken relationship.

You are completely honest with your partner

As we said, the open relationship lifestyle sounds easy and fun, but can’t happen unless your relationship isn’t completely open, honest, transparent, and based on respect and mutual trust. It is crucial that you determine rules and boundaries with your partner before you start something like this and you should talk to each other every day.

Monogamy isn’t your cup of tea

If being with one person makes you feel like you are trapped in a box or like you are losing yourself, maybe a monogamous relationship isn’t the right choice for you. After all, being in an open relationship can feel liberating and give you a chance to explore more parts of yourself.

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