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3 Signs You are Experiencing Dating App Fatigue

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If you are in your 20s and single for quite some time, there is a great chance you have used some of the dating apps to find love. Hey, no one is blaming you! Nowadays, there are cowboy, biker and even transgender dating sites and various apps, so joining the online dating community of your choosing feels like the easiest way to meet someone special.

However, if you have been using these apps a little bit too much (like all day, every day) it’s highly likely that you’ve turned your auto-pilot on. A lot of people are experiencing dating app fatigue these days, and if some of these seem too familiar to you, you are probably experiencing it too.

Going online feels like a burden

If reading other people’s profiles or even swiping left and right feels like an enormous burden, you are in the beginning stages of dating app fatigue. If using dating sites starts feeling like a chore and not something you are happy to do, it is time to take a break from the online world. Try flirting with a cute stranger at a bar or smiling at that good-looking clerk in your local supermarket.

You are looking at profiles, but you are not seeing them

At this point, you are just looking at all the profiles without ever contacting anyone. You have looked at too many profiles and now it feels like you are reading the same stuff over and over again. It is because you are not paying attention to them at all, you are just scrolling through them without engaging your brain. Keep in mind that there is a unique person looking for love behind every account.

You are talking to guys you are not interested in

It’s better to go on a bad date than to stay at home, right? Wrong! In this stage of the dating app fatigue, you are willing to give anyone a chance, even if they don’t match your criteria. However, you should keep in mind that although getting tons of matches is great for your ego, it is bad for you in general. Stop wasting hours of your time with guys you have no desire to see and take a break from dating apps. Trust us; you need it.

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