3 Downfalls of Dating in a Wheelchair

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When you are disabled and dating, your wheelchair kind of becomes a pink elephant in the room. Every person you go out with knows that they shouldn’t ask anything about your handicap, but they are simply too curious to find out more about it. This is why most of my dates start off with intense eye contact since people I go out with focus so hard not to even glance at my wheelchair. Yeah, as you might assume, this can be really freaky. Since I have been on the disabled dating scene for a while, I have the right to say – dating is surely not easy when you’re in a wheelchair. If you still want to look for love, here are some annoying things you can expect to happen.

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People will assume that your date is your caregiver

Whenever you go out with an able-bodied man or woman, others will automatically assume that this person is your caregiver. This might be fine if they are helping you get into a cab or enter a restaurant. However, you might find yourself in situations when people will address your date as your caregiver and talk to them like you do not exist. Just because you can walk doesn’t mean you can’t talk, why does no one get it? This part of dating is rather annoying, but if you are with the right person, they will know how to properly handle that situation and make you feel comfortable.

People will think your partner is a creep

No matter what you say, a lot of people out there will think that your date is a creep who is taking advantage of you and your vulnerability to satisfy their desires. To others, a relationship between an able-bodied and disabled person is not a relationship between two consenting adults, but a relationship between a sexual predator and his unfortunate prey.

People will immediately think that your date is a hero

Yes, give them a medal for going out with a disabled person! If you travel down the street with your date or sit in a restaurant together, you will notice that some individuals are looking at them with admiration, like they are doing some huge favor to society. I’ve been there and I know how annoying it can be. My advice? Ignore them and focus on your potential partner since paying attention to an ignorant bunch of dimwits is nothing but a huge waste of time.

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