Most Annoying Habits of Fitness Singles

3 Most Annoying Habits of Fitness Singles

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Dating a fitness enthusiast is terribly exciting if you can get past their annoying habits that will force you to reassess the way you live your own life. Their will and abs of steel are great at the beginning, but if things get serious you better be ready to give them space they need to do their thing.

3 Most Annoying Habits of Fitness Singles

Have you ever dated a fitness enthusiast? Well, you should because they might have their share of annoying habits, but overall are great to hang out with.

What’s more, their fitness obsession might rub off on you, and you might find yourself hitting the gym 4-5 times a week for which your body will be eternally grateful. Being in a fitness couple is not only healthy, but you’ll also be the talk of the town given how sexy and radiant you’ll both look. People won’t be able to get enough of you, they’ll want to be you.

But enough with the flattery. If you’ve ever dated a fitness guru you know they are not the easiest of people to handle. Their military-like discipline, millions and millions of pairs of sneakers, and total ignorance for what the rest of the world likes to do are just some of the things that might annoy you if your date is a fitness freak.

Annoying Habit #1: Military-like Discipline

At first you might be impressed with how strong their will is and how they never miss leg day at the gym, but if you don’t share their enthusiasm pretty soon you’ll find yourself wishing they’d give you more of their time. With work and other responsibilities we all have, fitting a relationship into a busy schedule can be a challenge, and gym girl’s dates know this very well. You might want to make dinner together, but your fitness date will be too tired from their workout, you might want to stay up late at night to watch a movie, but they can’t because they’ll miss their 7am workout, and the list goes on and on.

Annoying Habit #2: Millions of Pairs of Sneakers

Why would anyone need more than 2, maybe 3 pairs of sneakers in their closet? As someone who goes to the gym relatively regularly, I know you can’t walk in there wearing the sneakers you want to work out in so if you want to stroll around town in your Nikes you’ll need a clean pair for the gym. And maybe, just maybe you can have a spare in your closet, just in case. But why does anyone need to have countless pairs of sneakers, most of which just collect dust (your fitness date surely begs to differ) because basically they never wear them is beyond me and probably everyone who doesn’t consider themselves a gym freak.

Annoying Habit #3: Total Ignorance for Everything Non-Fitness

Fitness dating can be exciting because you’ll definitely have the hottest date in the room. Their firm muscles and tight abs speak volumes about you as someone sexy people fall head over heels for, but at the end of the day, it’s likely you’re having a drink with your friends and not your date because they don’t care for ‘petty’ stuff like that. They don’t waste time watching Netflix, getting together with friends, going for walks in the park or riding their bikes with you (you’re too slow for them) because they don’t have the energy for it. Their bodies are exhausted from all the workouts, and all they want to do is just turn in early. Every single night.

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